Spray EVOH Bottle

Spray EVOH Bottle is a high-quality spray bottle produced by Srlon Company and originated from the Chinese market. This bottle has excellent material and design, which can effectively protect its contents from external contamination and oxidation. The choice of EVOH material makes this bottle have the functions of pressure explosion-proof, oxygen isolation and UV protection, while also maintaining the stability and freshness of liquids and other items in it. As an environmentally friendly and practical bottle, Spray EVOH Bottle has become the product of choice for many companies in the cosmetics, detergent and other markets.
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  • Customized Multi-Layer High Barrier Chill Sauce EVOH Bottle from Srlon technology is made of 5 layers different kinds of material, which can prevent vapor and oxygen flow inside of bottle,dramatically reduce the usage of preservatives artificial color. Maintaining food’s original color and flavor.

Srlon has been producing fashion Spray EVOH Bottle for many years and is one of the professional Spray EVOH Bottle manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products was labelled "Made in China". Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. We also can provide the factory price.