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Why does food packaging need high-barrier material packaging containers?


Why does food packaging need high-barrier material packaging containers?

      For food packaging, high-barrier material packaging is excellent in transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength, and can completely replace glass and metal containers.

      There are many reasons that cause food spoilage and affect the storage period of food. However, from the perspective of packaging, the main reasons are as follows.

    1. The growth and reproduction of bacteria are the main causes of food spoilage, and the presence or absence of oxygen and its concentration are necessary conditions for the survival and reproduction of bacteria (except anaerobic bacteria).

    2. The oxidation, deterioration and "blackness" of fats and other ingredients in food is another major cause of food spoilage.

    3. The loss of the original flavor of food and the intrusion of external odors into the food, causing the food to change flavor, are also common causes of food spoilage.

    4. The volatilization of water vapor in some foods will cause the food to lose its original flavor. Some foods need to be stored in a dry state. If moisture from the outside enters the food, it will help bacteria multiply and accelerate the deterioration of the food, or the food will become soft due to moisture, causing the food to lose its original flavor.

    5. Some foods also need to be blocked from ultraviolet rays. For example, oil will produce acid when exposed to light, leading to deterioration and loss of flavor. Sunlight exposure can also cause discoloration of printed matter and merchandise. In addition, sunlight can also promote the oxidation of oils. Alkaloids, vitamins B1, B2, vitamin C, etc. also react quickly with oxygen due to the action of light, causing various changes such as discoloration and decrease in content.

    In short, many packaging materials used for food, medicine and other commodities require excellent barrier properties, so food packaging requires high-barrier material packaging containers.

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